1. When I'm rolling with several people in a perfectly constructed improvised bit
  2. When a cat chooses me for love
  3. When someone makes me feel wanted
  4. When someone makes a small gesture of kindness, like buying me coffee just because
  5. When someone hugs me because they're happy to see me
  6. When a stranger is kind
  7. When an audience laughs at something I wrote, and when an actor I love receives that laughter
  8. When a man stands up for a woman - not in the old-fashioned macho way, but in the "Value her thoughts and listen to her" way.
  9. When I finish reading a book
  10. When I begin reading a book
  11. When Criterion reveals their newest releases
  12. When I get to take the wrappers off of CDs and DVDs
    An increasingly rarer joy
  13. When I leave my office job, every day, and pretend I don't have to go back
  14. When someone whose work I respect compliments something I've done
    Successful people - never stop being a fan of people younger and less successful than you. Your encouragement means the WORLD to them.
  15. When I pick someone up from the airport
  16. When I can cook for someone else
  17. When my little sister tells me she loves me
  18. When I hold someone and my heart hurts