1. Milk Milk Lemonade
    That the entire song devolves into a refrain of "This is where my poop comes out" is emblematic of why we all got into comedy in the first place.
  2. Football Town Nights
    Amy Schumer as Tami Taylor is the greatest thing I have ever seen. And the reveal of what the sketch is actually about is handled beautifully.
  3. Last Fuckable Day
    Everyone was KILLER in this. Especially Patricia Arquette, who should do more comedy. My favorite touch was that all the women were so supportive of their younger, more fuckable "replacements" - "Oh, she'll be good!"
  4. OrthoEsterin
    GOD THIS IS SO GOOD. This show has always been good, but Amy has really found her voice this season. It's like they did that exceptional military rape sketch and decided, "Oh, let's shoot for this every time." And they're nailing it.
  5. Amy Goes Deep
    A really nice, enlightening conversation with a trans woman. And, you know, very funny.