For those not in the know, I was recently laid off from my office job (there is a list, you can read all about it). I have been training my replacement this week. Here are a few stray observations.
  1. She is younger than I am.
    Based on context clues, she just graduated college. She is very unsure, in a charming 22-year-old way, not in a bad way. My instinct is to make her feel safe.
  2. She actually wants to be an accountant.
    This is the primary reason I was fired/let go/ceased to be employed. I made it clear I didn't want to actually learn in-depth accounting. She is already doing more work than I ever did here.
  3. She is already making better decisions than I did at 22, and I am proud of her.
    When I moved to Los Angeles, I dicked around for a WHILE. She is already making choices that will lead toward her career goals. She's going to be okay.
  4. Showing her how to do the work I've been doing for so long is therapeutic in a way I didn't expect.
    With every new responsibility moved from me to her, I feel lighter. I am finally unloading the weight that had been crushing my spirit for months and months. I can breathe again.
  5. She keeps me distracted from the impending reality of unemployment.
    This remains terrifying. I have already applied for jobs and reached out to friends, but as of now I have no real prospects. I am still allowed to stay here through the beginning of July, but if I don't have a job by then, it will be a problem. I'm okay. I will be okay. But still - I'm scared.