This deserves its own list, because while my family didn't have much shared TV time together, my mom and I did.
  1. Arrested Development
    I had already seen it all, but I watched the entire series a second time with my mom and my little sister.
  2. The Office (U.S.)
    The second season aired during my senior year of high school. I would rush home from my part time job at the pizza place to watch it with her. I'd only miss the cold open (the town was so small that I would get home by the end of the opening credits - really), and we would watch it together while eating leftover pizza. My mom still quotes the "rules of shotgun" monologue from "The Injury" to this day.
  3. American Dreams
    Remember this one? "American Bandstand," a baby Brittany Snow? One of the first series we binge-watched on DVD.
  4. Desperate Housewives
    We both lost interest around season three, but for the first couple of years we were RIVETED.
  5. The West Wing
    I came to this late, and I introduced my mom to it even later. We started watching it when I was home one Christmas, and when I came back to California, we would watch it separately then call each other and talk about it.
  6. Friday Night Lights
    Same with "The West Wing," a lot of the "watching together" was done separately with a lot of phone updates. I was always a little bit ahead of her, so I was able to give her fair warning about season two.
  7. Lost
    Again, another remote "together" viewing experience, but I did make a point to drive back home from college the night of the series finale so we could watch it together.