Inspired by @bjnovak (and I think @sophia originally?)
  1. American Idol
    Seasons 2, 3, & 4. Literally the only time in my life where all four members of my family would gather to watch a show every single week. We would even tape it and watch it together later on nights when one of us couldn't make it. Going to the season two concert tour together is one of my favorite memories from adolescence.
  2. The Andy Griffith Show
    TBS would rerun the hell out of this, so if someone in my family came across it, the rest of us would often join them.
  3. Match Game
    My family had a cabin we would occasionally spend weekends in. There was one TV, and it had a satellite feed with Game Show Network, something we didn't get on the cable at home. We all had to watch together, and game shows were something we could all agree on. "Match Game" was my favorite.
  4. As Time Goes By
    I would watch this with my grandfather. It's a wonderful British show that would come on PBS on Saturday nights. He would tape it and we would watch several in a row.
  5. Whose Line Is It Anyway?
    I forced my family to sit through hours and hours of this, whether they wanted to or not.