I never have time to date, but I have been compiling ideas for hypothetical outings in the future. Some of these might be terrible. Feel free to add more!
  1. Karaoke
    You have to pick the right spot - it can't be too loud or too dark. But karaoke can say a lot about a person, be it song choice - do you REALLY want to continue seeing a "Don't Stop Believin'"? - or if they're willing to be silly in front of strangers. You want someone comfortable in their own skin - this is a GREAT test of that.
  2. Roller skating
    Don't go somewhere nice. Go somewhere quaint with a hometown feel (Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale is perfect for this). Odds are, you'll both be pretty lousy skaters - this is not a bad thing. If your date takes care of you/lets you take care of them, that's a win. You've made a connection.
  3. Board game cafe
    I have never been to one, but I have to imagine it's a great way to weed out competitive assholes. Plus, if they're a low-key introverted type, this could be a nice way to draw them out a little.
  4. Drive-in movie
    Seeing a movie together is pretty standard, but you end up sitting in silence for two hours with a person you barely know. But at a drive-in, you're in your car, and it's private, so couch rules apply. If you want to make a comment, you can, and no one is bothered. Also, if the movie sucks, you can totally make out. And when was the last time you made out in a car? It's just like being in high school again, except afterwards you can go home and have sex.