Presented without commentary.
  1. Beaver story metaphor for lazy millennials
  2. Slugworth has to follow those Golden Tickets around, it’s exhausting
  3. Eminem only wants to rap about Mekhi Phifer
  4. Pianist for “Close Encounters” isn’t very good
  5. Michael Winslow family reunion
  6. Don Pardo family reunion
  7. Beauty and the Beast = Scientology
  8. Marty ruins Mayor Goldie Wilson’s life
  9. Jafar in Aladin invents farting
  10. Adult with SIDS
  11. Guy who doesn't realize he loves The Killers
  12. Woody Allen's @Midnight
  13. Liar Liar is a cop
  14. Cinemax in the 50s, sex in separate beds
  15. Giant Harvey Fierstein