1. What's the deal with airports?
  2. Like, really?
  3. Planes, that's crazy.
  4. Cars yes but planes? Get out of town!
  5. You can actually use planes to get out of town.
  6. Home is where the heart is. Planes are everywhere.
  7. Do they have TSA meetings like moms have PTA meetings or no
  8. Did they ever make a porn parody of "The Terminal" called "The Sperminal" because it sounds very sexy to me
  9. Charging stations for phones? As long as it's not for bulls. That sounds dangerous!
  10. Red eyes?! Don't do drugs, kids!
  11. Window seat, aisle seat, don't make me choose!
  12. First class? Oh boy, get ready for homework!
    That's what I warn people the first time they take a class, I find it's helpful.