One of my most vivid childhood memories is me, age 7, sitting on the couch with my mom, and watching one of the greatest movies ever made for the first time.
  1. I remember my mother explaining what plutonium was to me, and why it was funny that Doc thought you could buy it anywhere in 1985.
  2. I remember how Biff cursed (TWICE!) when he pulled Marty out of Lorraine's car. He was a really bad guy!
  3. I remember being excited about "Earth Angel" - I loved "Earth Angel"!
  4. I remember seeing Doc get shot, and how scary that was.
  5. I remember the end. TO BE CONTINUED??? There's MORE???
  6. I remember my mom calling the local video store Rent to Own and asking if they had Part II.
    They DID.
  7. I remember my mom coming home with Part II and mentioning they even had Part III, which we could rent later.
  8. I remember my dad joining us for Part II.
  9. I remember the flying cars. I remember the hoverboards.
  10. I remember thinking, Wow. This is the future.
  11. I remember after Marty's "Holy shit!" my dad saying we would turn the movie off if someone swore one more time.
    The "holy" made it even worse.
  12. I remember my mother turning off "Back to the Future Part II" after old Marty said "Don't you be a smart ass" to Marty Jr. while Lorraine was hydrating the pizza.
    My mom apologized - we watched the first movie on TBS, and they cut most of that sort of stuff out.
  13. I remember not knowing what happened next for years. I obsessed over it.
  14. I remember finally seeing Part II on USA. As they left 2015, I remember thinking, "Wow. That was a short movie."
  15. I remember how scary alternate 1985 was.
  16. I remember alternate 1985 Lorraine's dress's neckline.
  17. I remember Marty wearing that weird leather outfit in 1955. That's not what Marty wears.
  18. I remember the hover board in 1955. That was cool to see.
  19. I don't remember watching Part III. I didn't see it for a while.
  20. But I do remember reading the novelization, which I still own to this day. That was how I experienced the end of "Back to the Future" for the first time.
  21. Today I am going to the mall where "Back to the Future" was shot, and I am going to watch all three movies in a theater there.
    Why am I driving out of my way to see them there? For the memories.