Sorta boring but I'm really routine oriented. These things have been a staple for several months of success at a job I took recently. Hopefully they help even one person!
  1. Hit snooze once. ONLY ONCE.
    I set it for 5:30. I have to leave my apartment by 7:27 to walk to my 7:52a train. That extra 10 minutes seems to wake me more gently. I never really get back to a deep sleep and the anticipation of the alarm going off again helps rouse me.
  2. Watch a few minutes of some Breakfast Television
    I'm in the GTA, Breakfast Television is a morning show with a delightfully chipper bunch of hosts that sets a nice tone for the rest of my routine.
  3. Shower & Inspirational message on my mirror
    Once I've had my shower I write something of a mantra for my day. "Keep Doing Good Work", "Learn More About The Business", " Help Someone Succeed". It's cheesy, I know, but it helps me focus on the good things about my life.
  4. Apple Cinnamon oatmeal with pepitas, currants, and fresh raspberries. Tea or coffee.
    I make a big carafe of caffeinated liquid (David's Tea, The Queen of Tarts is my current fave) to drink on the bus, a cup to have with my oatmeal, and eat that delicious fruity crunchy slop. Ya, slop sounds less than appetizing but that shit is so delicious. It's the pumpkin seeds. The crunch makes it.
  5. Snack for work: cucumbers in rice wine vinegar with a splash of balsamic, avocado, some fruit, nuts and berries. Leftovers sometimes, sandwiches others.
    My friend Nancy is a grazer, she eats little healthy things all day long and she's the healthiest, happiest person I know. It's that diet of greens, veggies and nuts that contributes to it. I love eating out but there's so much satisfaction eating something you created. Cook for yourself.
  6. Look your best, be happy, and do your best.
    Simple thing, but it's contagious! Be helpful, don't be afraid to make suggestions, ask questions and lose your ego.
  7. ...and get involved in your community
    I'm a web developer, I do everything I can to make the web a more accessible, kinder and more productive place. Don't be afraid of publicly saying online what makes this world a better place. Volunteer to assist projects you care deeply about, some of the most interesting places on the internet are solely volunteer driven, do what you can to help!