Movies I will always stop to watch when on TV

Someone asked me what was on my list last week, Matt maybe? did I forget any?
  1. Clueless
  2. Mean Girls
  3. Austin Powers
  4. Mrs Doubtfire
  5. Sisters
    Not on TV yet but have already watched numerous times
  6. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  7. The Breakfast Club
  8. Sex and the City
    even though it makes me angry
  9. Legally Blonde
    You go here?
  10. Batman: Dark Knight
  11. Donnie Darko
  12. The Craft
  13. Anything Pixar. Except Cars.
  14. Happy Gilmore
  15. Wedding Singer
  16. Almost Famous
  17. Adventures in Babysitting
    Real good, Brenda