Before that doesn't count. I stole this from @losercee
  1. My immediate family
  2. My grandmother
  3. My primary teacher
    She had us all draw what we wanted to be when we grew up and I couldn't decide if I really wanted to be a vet or not
  4. My entire grade 1 class
    I smashed my face into the gym class wall and had to go to the hospital
  5. The nurses at the hospital
    after I found out what "stitches" were
  6. My grade 5 teacher
    She gave me detention for drawing heart boxers onto a man's photo in a textbook and then I told her I would be right back and ran away
  7. My grade 6 band teacher
    Missed/was late for too many classes and never practiced and I got in trouble
  8. My grade 9 guidance counsellor
    He forced me to go to his office and then ASKED why I was crying. Even worse, he went to the same church as me and brought up God
  9. My doctor
    On multiple occasions while I was a hypochondriac
  10. Everyone walking down the street on the way back from my doctor's
    Sorry everyone
  11. My cat
    He's a good sport
  12. Probably the entire school this upcoming week
    Why am I spending time on this rn goodbye