1. The crisp air
    I can breathe again! Bye, humidity.
  2. The crunchy leaves
    If you don't go out of your way to jump in a pile of leaves every now and then, you're not really living.
  3. The fashion
    Coats, chunky sweaters, both creative and classic boots, scarves and beanies. I can roll out of bed and look put together in five.
  4. Holiday beverages
    Hellloooo cider, hot cocoa, peppermint everything, PSLs and Starbucks red cups. And so much chai. What are some of your favorites?
  5. The love
    Though loneliness peaks during the chillier months, it feels like people from now through the holidays are a little kinder than usual. Not a bad time of year to fall in love, either 🙃
  6. The colors