things that shouldn't freak me out but do

you know when you go through life doing like hard things always and things that freak other people out but there are dumb little things that set you back? yeah.
  1. going outside with the wrong outerwear for the weather
    because everyone will judge me for wearing a heavier jacket than they are or god forbid I don't wear a jacket at all
  2. carrying a bag with food in it
    like I've recently been putting any bag with food in it into my purse until I get home because no one is allowed to know I eat apparently
  3. picking up food from the delivery person
    kid you not I've offered to pay for entire meals if someone else went downstairs to get the food
  4. walking into a party alone
    even if I'm invited not only does someone else have to enter with me, they have to walk in first
  5. mixing my own drink
    if someone else will do it for me, I'm satisfied
  6. finding a seat on a train
    it's not like Amtrak would not have sold me a ticket if the train was sold out or anything
  7. telling literally anyone about literally anything involving my personal life