Australia is slowly catching up with their in flight entertainment.
  1. The West Wing
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    I have never watched an episode before and am now disappointed that my parents let that happen. I have also developed a crush on Rob Lowe. Sam Seaborn > Chris Traeger.
  2. The Rubens
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    I loved their first album and wasn't disappointed with the second. Hallelujah was on repeat for a good 30 minutes
  3. The Mindy Project
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    By far the best thing to come out of my flights (besides the memorable holidays I suppose). I am obsessed! And watching the show legally in Australia since returning is frustrating as all hell.
  4. Skyfall
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    Plus a few others in the James Bond feature that Virgin had. The kid next to me watched it over my shoulder the whole time and I felt I needed to be a manual censor by covering the screen.
  5. The Longest Ride
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    I have watched it twice on a plane - the second time was after meeting PBR riders and so anxiety was definitely higher.
  6. Rubén Guthrie
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    A different type of Rubén but equally good. Brendon Cowell, Patrick Brammall and Sarah Blasko...I was a fan before I even watched it, and a bigger one afterwards.