Where to EAT, PLAY, SHOP, & DRINK!
  1. Portland Head Light
  2. Duck fat
    Order a large basket of fries and dipping sauces
  3. Holy Donut
    Two locations in town. Order the sweet potato!
  4. Bard coffee
  5. Yordprom Coffee Co.
    Vietnamese Latte is popular.
  6. Central Provisions
    Great for Lunch or dinner.
  7. Portland Farmer's Market
    Saturday mornings May-Nov.
  8. Micucci Italian Grocery
    45 India Street Pizza slices
  9. Nickelodeon cinema
    Indie films
  10. Bubba's Silk Lounge
  11. Bayside American cafe
  12. Portland Flea-for-all
  13. Rosemont Market
    Fresh produce and bakery 3 locations
  14. Blue Spoon
    89 Congress St.
  15. Percy Inn
  16. Mercury Inn
  17. Casco Bay Lines
    Island cruises
  18. Longfellow Books
    One Monument Way
  19. Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream
  20. Empire Chinese Kitchen
    575 Congress Street
  21. Portland Museum of Art
    Free admission Fridays
  22. Fore Street
  23. Standard Baking
  24. Tandem Bakery
    Skip the coffee for a slice of pie or a biscuit
  25. The Sock Shack
    564 Congress St.
  26. Eventide
  27. Hot Supa
  28. Green Elephant Bistro
  29. Becky's Diner
    Opens 4AM
  30. LFK Portland
    Cocktails 188a State St.
  31. Allagash Brewing Co.
  32. Gorgeous Gelato
  33. Press Hotel
  34. Mercury Inn
  35. Palace Diner
  36. The Honey Paw
    Rice and noodle shop
  37. Drifter's Wife
    Wine bar in a wine shop
  38. J's Oyster
  39. Pai Men Miyakr
    Japanese ramen and soba noodles
  40. K Colette
  41. Portland Dry Goods
  42. Judith
  43. Boutique Little
    Children's clothes 42 Exchange St.
  44. Rabelais Books
  45. Arora provisions