Requested by @yagurlgab
"Autumn" in California here goes 4 u @yagurlgab
  1. Applying sunscreen
    spf 30 I'm not a total dweeb
  2. Staring into fridge
    fully stocked bc I live at home now thx for asking
  3. Wearing sweaters
    but only for 20 min then it's too hot and I have to wear it around my waist like a LOSER
  4. Removing spiderwebs that form overnight in the backseat of my car
    how does this keep happening how but I guess it's kinda spooky in a fall way
  5. Wearing large sunglasses or caps like a celeb to grocery store
    to avoid parents who want to know how my job prospects are going not bc I'm famous
  6. Watching episodes of friends on nick at night that take place in the fall
    whilst wiping sweat from my brow because it's 90 degrees outside and it's 10 pm