Goals for the summer

These are literally all about tv
  1. Stay caught up on Game of Thrones
    I CANNOT handle spoilers for this show. So many happen and happen so very quickly
  2. Catch up on Grey's Anatomy
    I'm about three seasons behind... Me actually learning about medical practice replaced me watching this extremely dramatized version of medical practice
  3. Catch up on the Mindy Project
    To be honest... I haven't watched since season 1. But reading Why Not Me? By Mindy Kaling this week has remotivated me to commit to this!
  4. Catch up on Wayward Pines
    Currently just finished episode four... I'm definitely intrigued. The new season starts on my birthday, coincidentally.
  5. Catch up on Better Call Saul
  6. Watch the crap out of Bloodline and Peaky Blinders when their respective seasons are released on Netflix
  7. Start Sherlock and Narcos
  8. Finish Nurse Jackie
    I got too depressed about this show near the end of season 6... I have to push through for just one more season....