(Beware spoilers)
  1. I loved it!
    It's ABOUT TIME she got to be happy! Seriously. And her smile of happiness on her wedding day was so good to see!
  3. Yay everybody who got hit by Cupid
    Because that was almost every single person of marriageable age! 😳 Not that I'm complaining. I like happy DA people! They're a rarity.
  4. Mostly I'm just happy the major drama and angst were toned down and everybody was happy and/or satisfied with their lot in life at the end
  5. I was even happy for Barrow!
    Which I never thought I'd say quite frankly.
  6. And little Bates Jr!!!
    Aaahhhh! I was SO so happy for Bates and Anna! Best news ever! (Although I was surprised her water didn't break during Edith's wedding. That would've been just like Fellowes.)
  7. Edith's happy
  8. Mary's happy/content
  9. Tom and Henry are happy
  10. Carson and Mrs. Hughes are happy...and accepting the changes
  11. Bates and Anna are happy
  12. Daisy is happy
    And Andy!
  13. Mrs Patmore is happy
  14. Robert and Cora are happy
  15. Everybody's happy!
    And in love
  16. Now I'm happy too
    Yet sad it had to end. *sniff sniff*
  17. Yay for Downton!
  18. I'm gonna miss you guys bunches.