That I'm not willing to eat at. EVER
  1. Grease pit restaurant
    Nope. Not after two coworkers got sick off their meatloaf! It was not pretty. AT ALL.
  2. Weird Chinese place
    They only take cash. (Which I don't always carry.) And no matter what you order, it's always ready in ten minutes. Always! (Which means I have no idea when that food was made. I like my food fresh. It's a funny quirk of mine.)
  3. And that's it! There's nothing else close.
    Which is weird cause I work in the city! There should be at least a McDonald's close by, right? I mean, McDonald's is everywhere! Except for here.
  4. (Obviously I'm hungry today. I didn't bring lunch. And trying to decide how far out I'm going to have to go.)