1. Mr. Thornton
    Richard Armitage (need I say more?)
  2. Mr. Thornton
  3. Seriously!
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  4. The epic romance
    If you need a reason to swoon, look no further!
  5. Lines like "Look back...look back at me!"
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  6. The cotton mill
    Watching as that white fluff fills the air and the noise of the machines and the fact it was filmed in an actual cotton mill...
  7. The costumes (naturally)
    Richard Armitage can rock the cravat! (AND the no cravat look.)
  8. Nicholas Higgins
    I love his character! (After Thornton and Margaret of course.)
  9. Did I mention Mr. Thornton?
  10. Not to forget the way Thornton looks at Margaret...
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  11. And the way they argue and debate!
  12. You should watch it. Period.
    Enough said.
  14. Yep
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