Inspired by @alligeeshow (Whose list is awesome incidentally and made me think of my mom we are.)
  1. She has Parkinson's Disease
    For 20-some years already
  2. With said disease, she is now in a wheelchair full time.
  3. And requires help with just about everything.
  4. She also has dementia
    Which is a symptom of Parkinson's. And means she is easily confused and forgetful, only she doesn't realize it fully.
  5. (For the record, this disease is TERRIBLE.)
    It's no fun watching your mother slowly lose every bit of her quality of life.
  6. BUT!
  7. She still gets up every day with a smile, determined to live and do and be amazing.
    She totally rocks at it too! 😊
  8. I am always in amazement at what she's gone through for YEARS and still she goes on.
    So many times she could have given up. (Like I said, this disease is awful to watch, so actually living with it has to be ten times worse.) But she refuses to let it get her down.
  9. So while her life is SO much different than what she'd ever have asked for, she lives.
  10. She lives!!
  11. I still get to have conversations and hugs and see her smiles.
    A good friend recently lost her mother. So I'm even more aware right now how blessed I am to still have mine.
  12. Really, this list is basically just a chance for me to let the (list app) world know that my mother is AMAZING.
  13. (Also a big shout out to dad whose full time care of her never diminishes, and whose ability to get her to laugh in the midst of her fear and frustration is awesome.)