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Inspired by @amieshmamie! I'm currently an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in an elementary school in Japan.
  1. Did you always know you wanted to do the job you're doing?
    I had that common "I wanna be a teacher!" fantasy when I was a kid, but I didn't really consider it properly until I was close to graduating.
  2. How many years of studying post-high school?
    I have a really unconventional educational path, in that I dropped out of high school at 15 (with barely any qualifications), went to a local tech college (to study art/photography) for a year, then changed my mind and went to college to study tourism, before finally making it to university to get my degree! So nah, not related to teaching (or English!) (It took three years to get my tourism degree)
  3. How much are your educational loans?
    Again, unconventional (and lucky as hell!) in that Scotland gives free education. (I know, I hate me too) So I only took out a loan for living expenses, which I think is around £8,000 maybe?
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Every day is a delight. So many things you expect to be innocuous become hilarious.
  1. Like this pizza box!
    I never claimed not to have a juvenile sense of humour!
  2. This ridiculous "Jamaican motif" garland in a ¥100 store
    Especially in a country that's so anti drugs, this made me giggle a lot.
  3. This towel just hanging off someone's balcony
    Not necessarily funny, but definitely not a thing I expected to see whilst I was walking through super quiet residential suburbs.
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I went here last weekend because I was craving a mini adventure and fresh air. It's been a little snowy here this month, so I was stoked to have one blue skied almost warm day!
  1. So, first, there's a free animal park!
    Honestly, I dread to think how well the animals are taken care of, so instead I'm just gonna look at this deer smiling in the sun.
  2. And the nicest looking lake on earth?!
    I followed the trail down and literally gasped when I saw the water. UGH. 💖
  3. With the coolest red bridge across it!
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I haven't posted here in forever, but this is bringing me back because it must be shared. This job is the greatest, I swear. (The hints I gave them were: I was 12 and I liked cats, books, and reading. These were their crazier suggestions!)
  1. Cat cafe owner
  2. Manga artist
  3. Idol
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At the end, I always give them free time to ask whatever they want, which can get interesting!
  1. 1.
    Do you have a boyfriend?
    Swiftly followed by...
  2. 2.
    Is there anyone you're interested in?
    Swiftly followed by...
  3. 3.
    Is our Homeroom Teacher your type?
    Bearing in mind: I co-teach with him, so he was literally right next to me. Also, he's married!
  4. 4.
    You two look similar... Are you dating?
    I mean... Who doesn't choose their conquests based on facial similarities?!
This is my second week of full time classes, so I'm still a novelty to them. 😝
  1. 1.
    Almost all the students know who I am, and will shout my name if they see me.
    And if they don't know my name, they'll still say hello or get excited.
  2. 2.
    Three 6th grade classes at one school literally got me to sign their belongings before I could leave.
    Items signed: Textbooks, files, pencil cases. With requests: Small signature, big signature, "draw a picture of yourself too!"
  3. 3.
    Self introduction lessons, or any time there's some free time, the kids want to ask me all sorts of random questions, like an interview.
    This kind of warrants its own separate list, but they range from the inane to the super personal!
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I had the day off today because we worked on Saturday, so I headed into Kanazawa for a wander. Sadly, most of the museums are closed on Monday, but it was still fun!
Reading over this makes me wonder how I manage to keep myself living a fairly decent life. When will I learn, though?!
  1. Staying up late even though I know it'll kill me in the morning.
  2. Not preparing lunch for work the night before.
    This one is actually fine, though, because school lunches started today, so guess who doesn't have to be organised anymore!
  3. Getting ready as quickly as possible, so that I can go back to sleep until I leave the house.
    I have done this an embarrassing amount of times. Well, it would be embarrassing if it wasn't such a genius move!
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In honour of giving myself a bruise on my arm due to going too hard with the maraca at karaoke last night, here's a list of other ridiculous ways I've hurt myself through the ages.
  1. 1.
    Being, like, two years old, and walking onto plate glass after my mum told me not to.
  2. 2.
    Being around four or five and attempting to shave even though I obviously didn't need to.
  3. 3.
    Riding a scooter down a really steep hill on a dare.
    I smashed my face onto the fence at the bottom of the garden, and my mouth just pooled with blood. Nice!
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I got my lunch menu for this month. Results were... Unexpected.
  1. My new band name.
  2. Well, maybe ketchup thinks YOU'RE lame, did you ever think of that?
  3. Meat of child? Who can say, really.
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