Adventures in Popin' Cookin'

Or "What happens when you and your little brother attempt to make year old Popin' Cookin' in your empty flat with the wrong tools"
  1. This is the point we realised I had no scissors, so we couldn't cut the measuring cup off, and resorted instead to using an empty powder packet. This was our first mistake.
  2. Next, we put in a random amount of water, screwed up the spaghetti, and failed to squeeze it out properly due to having no scissors (so the hole in the bag was way too big!)
  3. Then this sad state of affairs happened.
  4. The finished product is literally so gross I don't want to look at this picture! Pretty sure our non-use of a measuring cup screwed everything up, but it also tasted pretty rancid and I don't think that could have been avoided!
  5. Oh, and then we dared ourselves to eat half each, and sort of flailed around the room whilst screaming until it was all gone.
  6. Successful hang with my lil bro!
    Just don't ask us to cook for you...