Having been in my new town literally only two nights, here is a list of the amazing things I've done, or arranged to do?
  1. Appeared in the local newspaper alongside the mayor
  2. Been bought an entire bottle of some kind of Japanese vodka by a stranger in a bar who wanted us to feel welcome
  3. Been gifted slices of watermelon by the aforementioned bar's owner
  4. Willingly went to an onsen and got naked in front of people I'd known for 20 minutes (as well as complete strangers)
  5. Agreed to be in the town's promotional advert
    The theme, apparently, is "oceans and foreigners"
  6. Been invited to go to football with the vice principal, and to go to a fireworks festival with the supervisor and her family
    (I decided not to go to either, but the fact they're both total strangers going out of their way to make us feel wanted is the cute part!)
  7. Agreed to help host an event with a co-worker