Full disclosure, though, I've only been working here for a couple weeks, so it's not like I need a holiday! Pretty happy just to bask in the endless supplies of omiyage to supplement my lunch.
  1. Chocolate coated sunflower seeds
  2. Dried apple slice
    Literally just one slice (omiyage is usually pretty small!) but man, could I have eaten 20 of these. Tasted vaguely cinnamon-y, too!
  3. Plum jelly
    Asides from the plum stone at the bottom of the jelly (that seemed to be deliberately put there for decorative purposes) this was soooo damn good.
  4. Yakisoba cracker
    Basically a rice cracker that tasted like yakisoba? I guess?? It was good.
  5. Coffee cream biscuit
    I'm usually not the biggest coffee fan, but I've learned to become one here.
  6. Takoyaki cracker (+ one other fish based cracker)
    Another rice cracker, this time takoyaki flavoured. Surprisingly delicious, but ranked lower because of the overwhelming fishy smell that occurs when you open the packet.
  7. Sweet biscuit
    Just a generic biscuit. Totally inoffensive, super sugary, but low because I guess it's kinda dull.
  8. Dried meat slice
    No matter how hungry or bored I get, I just cannot bring myself to eat this yet. I'm sure it's delicious, but the whole dried meat jerky kinda thing has never been my bag, so I'm scared to open it and commit to consuming it!