Things I Never Expected to Do and Enjoy Before Moving Here

  1. Visiting the onsen
    I mean, Old Me would have never even consider stripping off and hanging out in a glorified bath with half the town, but Current Me not only did it, but is itching to go back!
  2. Eating rice with every meal (and finishing it!)
    To the point where, a few days ago, I was in a canteen, picked up a bowl of ramen, and then grabbed a side bowl of rice because I'm so used to always having it.
  3. Eating a load of different dishes I wouldn't have dared eating before
    To be fair, some of the time it's because I don't actually know what I'm eating, but if you'd told me a couple weeks ago that I would be eating things like sea snail sushi and horse sashimi, I probably would have screamed.
  4. Not being scared to do things!
    This is a big one for me because I'm usually pretty dubious on everything, so the fact that I've been managing to go to work, arrange for redeliveries at the post office, and hang out with strangers (all whilst not being able to speak Japanese) is a nice feeling!
    My first week, I described karaoke as infinitely more terrifying than the onsen (and I think I suggested I'd rather get naked in the bar than sing) but by the end of my second week, I've sung a crap tonne of songs and karaoke is my new favourite thing and I honestly don't know how this happened.