1. Every single occasion seems more special and sacred.
    Birthdays, Father's Day, literally even just a random weekend or afternoon off work!
  2. Everything is more poignant, everything is more sad.
    You hug your dog. You realise you're leaving soon and won't see your dog for possibly a year or more. Everything is sad.
  3. You simultaneously will time to hurry up and slow down.
    "I can't wait until I'm there, living my new life and going on adventures! ... But also I want to hug my mum forever and never leave her arms, so."
  4. You see people and places you haven't seen in years (if at all!)
    Nothing like moving to another country to make you appreciate where you grew up (and check out all the tourist attractions and weird hidden gems you'd have otherwise probably never bothered seeing)
  5. There is never, ever enough time.
    Caught between trying to do everything and see everyone you want to before you leave, whilst handling logistics and planning for the move, as well as just generally chilling and soaking up being home? Not. Enough. Time.