I'm moving to Japan (on the JET Programme), but it's only in the last couple of weeks that the reality of moving to the other side of the world has hit me! Here are ridiculous times I either cried, or wanted to.
  1. Telling my dog I was moving away and wouldn't see her for a year (or more).
  2. When my big brother (who isn't really a hugger) squeezed me goodbye for ages.
  3. Trying to teach my grandparents how to use FaceTime so we could stay in touch easier.
  4. My mum's best friend giving me a card that she'd written, "Remember you are a great person and deserve all the happiness in the world." inside.
  5. Looking at various things from my U.K. life that I definitely won't need in Japan (like my Nectar card, or my soon to expire Railcard!)
  6. Driving home after my farewell dinner and looking out at all the familiar scenery I've grown up with and probably won't see for a year.
  7. Looking at my suitcases in the hall and realising that I am actually leaving.