1. Woke up at 11. This is a sure fire way to fuck up your day. I've messed up about 15 years of my life over sleeping. This is something that needs to change.
  2. Sports radio. All I seem to listen to all day is local sports radio. I've learned that when you work in a creative field what your brain puts out is only going to be as good as what you put into it. Local sports radio is probably the worst possible thing I could be filling my head with. I seriously think listening to static would be more helpful.
  3. Home office. A home office is great if you can maintain the self-discipline that's required to make it work. I tend to phase in and out of engagement on projects. An accountability partner is starting to sound like a better idea everyday.
  4. To-do lists are incredibly helpful things. I haven't been writing them lately. I find them particularly helpful when I write them by hand. Something about crossing off an item with a pen is so much more satisfying than deleting a line of text in my notes app.
  5. Social media. Social media. Social media. What that should really say is... Me, Me, Me. Social media isn't the problem, the relationship I choose to have with it is.