Making a paper airplane is totally easy and fun. I used to do it all the time. Let me teach you how!
  1. Get A Piece Of Paper
    Every great project starts from humble beginnings. This one starts with paper.
  2. Fold The Paper Diagonally
    Wait, was that the first step? Maybe it's supposed to be a fold long-ways first. Yeah, that sounds right.
  3. Unfold The Fold You Just Made And Try Doing It Long-Ways
    Eh, this paper is all fucked up now. Let's start over.
  4. Get Another Piece Of Paper
    A fresh start! Let's get it right this time.
  5. Fold It Long-Ways
    Yeah, that looks right. Wait, what's the next step? Uhhhh....
  6. Keep Folding It Into A Tiny Square
    That can't be right. Now it's a tiny square instead of an airplane. Come on, what was it?
  7. Get Lots Of More Paper
    We're gonna brute force this thing.
  8. Fold It Into A Triangle
  9. Fold It Into A Swan
    Impressive, but not what we're going for.
  10. Don't Fold It At All Just Yet
    Let's just think about this for a second.
  11. Fold It Long-Ways And Then Fold A Corner On Each Side In Towards The Middle To Form The Nose
    Easy now..
  12. Fold The Outer Edges In Long-Ways To Form The Wings
    We're doing it! Almost done...
  13. Fold The Whole Thing In Half
    Wait, no, NO!
  14. Try To Undo The Last Step
  15. Call Dave
    Dave knows how to make these things but I guess it's kind of hard to explain the whole process.