Best Memories From Study Abroad

Spent a semester living in Manchester, England with my friend from high school/college.
  1. Our first international society trip to Snowdon Mountain.
    Chilly day. Such a beautiful part of Wales. Got to get really close to a sheep in a field. One of the best moments of my life.
  2. Edinburgh
    Spent a weekend there and got to climb to the summit of the Salisbury Crags. One of my favorite cities.
  3. Bath
    Got to go to a tea house and have some of the best cups of tea ever!
  4. London
    Spent a weekend here. Even if it started out with me getting off the train and throwing up against a pillar it turned out to be a great weekend. Went to Churchill's War Rooms museum and then walked through the parks until it was time to leave.
  5. Chatsworth House
    Decorated in Christmas glory. Absolutely lovely grounds to walk around and all the dogs at the little market.
  6. Thanksgiving
    Getting to spend thanksgiving with my friend and her sister that came over for a visit.
  7. My love for Otis Redding growing.
    Spent so many nights battling homesickness by listening to him on repeat until I could finally fall asleep.
  8. The veggie pizza that had corn on it.
    Devoured this bad boy.
  9. The Christmas Market.
  10. When I went on a day trip all by myself to Lincoln for the Christmas Market.
  11. And then I found an awesome stuffed animal lamb. His name is Fremont, the Noble Protector.
  12. That time Olivia and I practiced out modeling posses on an ancient roman wall.
  13. And the other time we took an inappropriate "MySpace" photo at a WW2 bombed out cathedral in Liverpool. And then laughed hysterically for a while.