December Trip Home to Boooo-fa-lo

My to do list for my vacation
  1. Get a Tim Hortons cafe mocha every day. Or at least once.
  2. Visit the I Love Lucy museum in Jamestown. I have come to terms with their marriage not being perfect in real life so I'd like to experience the museum again.
  3. Meet Olivia's new dog Zena.
  4. Visit Aimee and Joanna in Fredonia. And while there go check out the new science building on campus.
  5. See my sister McKenna of course.
  6. Get my eyes checked. And maybe convince my mom to get me new glasses. It's got to be about two years since I last got a new frame.
  7. Crack up at my GPS's incorrect pronunciation of the word "Chaffee."
  8. Go shopping at the Galleria. I miss having a good mall nearby.
  9. And finally, not think about work once the whole time.