I turn 25 tomorrow.
  1. Adele's new album 25 comes out the day after I turn 25.
  2. James Bond movies typically come out in November. And I love me some Bond, James Bond.
  3. In the past every other Harry Potter movie came out in November.
  4. My job doesn't have many opportunities to take days off so I'm extremely excited for the two days off we get this year for Thanksgiving.
  5. It's fall which is my favorite season. Except I live in South Carolina now and the weather hasn't been feeling too fally yet.
  6. Scorpions are pretty badass for a horoscope sign.
  7. The darker fashion colors suit my skin tone.
  8. After Thanksgiving my coworker will be getting a black lab puppy which will be coming into the office with him everyday. A puppy!!!
  9. Pumpkin pie is my favorite. I prefer pie to cake.