But not in a depressing way.
  1. I no longer save half of my bed for another human being to fill up the space. Only way I can fall asleep now is at a diagonal across the bed.
  2. I get super excited when work is almost over so I can go home and play with my cat.
  3. Have considered getting another cat for my cat's sake and not because I'm falling into the trap of the stereotypical crazy cat lady.
  4. I've deleted all dating apps from my phone.
  5. I spend my weekends siting next to my roommate watching him play video games or whatever.
  6. Work is the only place I socialize with other humans. There's only four of them in the office so I'm getting pretty sick of them.
  7. The closest I've come to flirting with a man was telling the pizza delivery guy that he came faster than I expected.