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I had a few days off so i spent them right by watching the lethal weapon movies on Netflix
  1. Theres something about the 80s movies thats so nostalgic
  2. The psychedelic jazzy background music
  3. The old pepsi signs and simple hamburger joints and the hot dog street vwndors
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  1. It really sets ur mind free
  2. If you watch it enough the night before It helps relieve some social anxiety for the presentation the next day
  3. U can talk/text watever while watching it and still wont miss any bits of it
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As revealed by a trip to the grocery store (a bit of self mockery)
  1. You haven't had any other fruit except for clementines since no other fruit has gone on sale.
  2. U re-shelf a bakery cake after finding out its $5.
  3. 60$ is a good budget for two for about twenty days with home cooking
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So its been seven years since @M_s and i have been happily married. But it seems its been twice that time that my parents have spent wanting us to have there grandkids. Here are some of the levels we have gone through coz of there desires:
  1. Novice level: passing jokes on how various aunties are praying for the happy news, general information on how cousin it had five kids before there forth anniversary. A lot of self proclaimed jibes and so on.
  2. Responsibility level: gentle reminders of our "duty" towards the family to produce offsprings
    As if the royal blood was jn danger of going extinct:p
  3. Rational thinking level: "why not try a doctor"
    Yes we did we both r fine
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I suffer from a bit of social anxiety whenever i have to meet new ppl....here is some advice i have been given over the years. Its not that i hate meeting new ppl its just that i get anxious abt that first encounter. I am ok once i meet them and even later on. But the very first time even if its someone i know from before.
  1. Just get over it !!!!
    Its not a relationship that i need to get over
  2. You need to be more stronger
    Thanks i am so strong now why didn't u say this before :p
  3. You need to change this sissy attitude. Y r u so insane
    Genius, u shud run the suicide hotline :p
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This may just be me but most of the new Netflix shows (original productions) dont grab me much so heres a list of stuff i am ok with watching still again and again
  1. The office , ofcourse
  2. Columbo, peter falk is unbelievable in this show awesome guy
  3. Scrubs,
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Words escape me at times like these what can u say when something this appalling happens, the innocent found dead again the vultures already picking at there fav pieces.
  1. Another mindless massacre,
  2. another senseless stab at innocence,
  3. more blood to feed the divides,
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This list was started before the sad passing away of muhammad ali (may god rest his soul in peace) and is now dedicated to his ever lasting memory
  1. 1.
    Muhammad Ali
    Just coz he is and will always be a legend ❤️
  2. 2.
    Dr. Robert Langer
    1 of only 14 institute profs at MIT. He has won every major award on earth except for the nobel prize coz they dont give it to engrs. He runs the biggest lab with hundreds of grad students for bio materials and micro nano inspired medicine. He has abt 700 patents and will prolly surpass edisons record soon. His research is responsible for over 50 biotechs, but best of all if u email him he will reply to u personally. I am not as smart but he is an inspiration for what i wanna achieve.
  3. 3.
    A white supremacist
    Don't exactly know y but id like to meet one coz i wanna find out how and why in this day and age of social media when u can hook up with someone from across the world, can u still harbor and justify a hate for everyone non white. It made sense when we lived in caves but how does it work now. Although I know that so many of us on the planet there has bound to be different ideas and ppl are totally welcome to there but maybe by talking or interacting can we change some of that hate...
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I know this is a bury ur head in the sand tactic maybe even cowardly but i need my sanity more coz things mostly in news trouble me to the point of anxiety:
  1. Hardly anything good seems to be going on in the world, someone innocent somewhere is suffering due to the ignorance of another.
  2. It just makes me feel sick when the smartest man on earth has to spend time wondering why a demegauge bigot liar is appealing to the lowest common denominator
  3. That a judge is being criticized for his race cause pf his judgement.
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  1. I am kinda night blind, so i hate dark alleys etc. coz i cant see anything and its even more embarrassing when i am with ppl who are able to see in very little light like they'd be saying hey see that fence and i cant see my own hand
  2. I had more money at 25 then i do know at 35. I hope this trend doesn't continue
  3. I cant sleep without a night light on , darkness suffocates me plus it screws with my sense of direction completely, so i dont know where i am if i need to go to the restroom at night.
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