Thanks for the request @dad3
  1. 1 REGRET, i started my phd at 31 I could have done that at least three years earlier when i completed my masters but i was bogged down by some personal situations that i now realize were just walls i had created for myself
  2. 1 MOMENT OF PRIDE, phd advisors who have money to fund students can be complete assholes coz of the competition so the first lab i got into the advisor insulted me on a daily basis even though i worked literally till 4 in morning everday,not joking, and then he kicked me out of his lab and told me i am a bad researcher
    I actually thought of leaving at that point, although i have a patent from my research in my masters. But I persisted and kept looking for other labs untill a senior professor took me in and a year later i am now a NATURE published author, i dont mean to sound like a jerk but if i were that bad a researcher this wud not be possible. I am very proud of that and humbled by God infinite kindnesses to me.
  3. 1 GOAL, i would like that the end result of my doctorate produces something that would in any small way help humanity. We are currently working on a biosensor that can be used in the field for immediate confirmation of certain diseases. Like ebola (we have not tested for this but hope to) for example
  4. 1 DREAM, ive recently started writing a fiction and while i know the odds are astronomical considering iam not even a English major or anything or a native speaker but i think i have a good story, i dream to see it published one day.
  5. 1 FANTASY, i wake up one day to find the world rid of bigotry and hate and pettiness and fear of each other. Humanity has killed each other in the name of one thing or the other for far too long -
    It's saddening for me to jot this down as a fantasy, while i haven't given up on it, i dont see this happening anytime soon, i hope it does. Coz with more and more diversity an equal measure of hate and ignorance are exposed. I dont want to sound like a downer but i still hope that the world proves me wrong even in a small way.