This list was started before the sad passing away of muhammad ali (may god rest his soul in peace) and is now dedicated to his ever lasting memory
  1. Muhammad Ali
    Just coz he is and will always be a legend ❤️
  2. Dr. Robert Langer
    1 of only 14 institute profs at MIT. He has won every major award on earth except for the nobel prize coz they dont give it to engrs. He runs the biggest lab with hundreds of grad students for bio materials and micro nano inspired medicine. He has abt 700 patents and will prolly surpass edisons record soon. His research is responsible for over 50 biotechs, but best of all if u email him he will reply to u personally. I am not as smart but he is an inspiration for what i wanna achieve.
  3. A white supremacist
    Don't exactly know y but id like to meet one coz i wanna find out how and why in this day and age of social media when u can hook up with someone from across the world, can u still harbor and justify a hate for everyone non white. It made sense when we lived in caves but how does it work now. Although I know that so many of us on the planet there has bound to be different ideas and ppl are totally welcome to there but maybe by talking or interacting can we change some of that hate...
  4. James hetfield
    One of the founders and lead guitarist/vocalist of Metallica. Id like to tell him how many times his music saved the sanity of a teenage kid in who had no control over his life, he did not even have a stereo system since his parents didnt allow it so listened to this music in the cars monotone cassette player outside the house late at night once a day.
  5. Rain wilson (aka Dwight K Shrute)
    Id like to just shake his hand. Coz this guy kept coming back to acting even though he blew through and bombed so many opportunities that cud have set him for life, but failure after failure he kept coming back. And. Now besides being the established odd ball comic he plays he has an even awesome media company and a charity org that does such wonderful work in changing the lives of so many deserving ppl in under developed countries. He is an inspiration.
  6. Ayn Rand
    She too has passed away but her words for the first time relate totally to my own thoughts and life made some sense. Every word she has written is a quote but one of my favs is "productive work is the process by which mans consciousness controls his existence a constant process of acquiring knowledge and shaping matter to fit ones purpose of translating an idea into physical form of remaking the earth in the image of ones values"