Theres an Adele concert in Boston in September and a fellow grad student who is a big fan was looking up ticket prices, heres a run down.
  1. So if u wanna stand outside td gardens and watch it from the parking lot itll be 80$
    Thats like a week of groceries and like paying to watch utube on the big screen.
  2. The farthest seats inside the gardens along the oval will run you anywhere from 100 to 270$ depending how close or far u are from the stage
    Thats about how much a monthly t pass and cellphone bill cost
  3. The inner oval costs somewhere between 250 - 1000$ depending once on the proximity from the stage
    My MacBook Air that ive been using since three years now cost 850$
  4. The floor seats are 850 to abt 1600$
    Thats upwards from 50% of wat grad students make a month. 😳
  5. Conclusion: 1) ppl going to adele concerts must be loaded 🤔🤑 2) even if i had the money id take my wife to a nice dinner or buy another mac or even an apple watch 3) i am really not a fan of Adele-sorry. Lolzzz