1. People who chest press literally twenty pounds and then proceed to take a five min break to use there cell phones on
    I don't look down on the 20 lbs i just don't understand the immediate and at length usage of the cell between sets while i wait for the press for my turn
  2. Fat guys (once again not have anything against the obese) who use an equipment and just walk away leaving the ocean of sweat behind on the seat and handles
  3. The people who put down there mats in the middle of the squat racks - seriously thats not even safe
  4. The ab roll out wheel that never seems to be in its position.
  5. The guy who always comes and stands in front of me to do his stuff blocking my view to the wall mirror.
    Dude i need to appreciate myself u can stand literally three steps further on
  6. The guy who says he wants to share doing a set and then requests one more back to back. Maybe i am too nice to not say no
  7. Fit rec open days. When every tom dick and harry but mostly "dicks" come down to use every equipment like its a joy ride and hog everything.
  8. The couple who feel the need to chew off each others mouths after every rep. Seriously people.
  9. 1st jan. Nuf said.