So the lunar month of ramadan starts for muslims in the usa and the rest of the world in about a week so here are some quick thoughts and facts abt it.
  1. During the month of ramadan (about 29 or 30 days) Muslims fast from dawn till dusk. This year each fast would be about 15-16 hrs.
  2. So we wake up an hour before dawn eat a meal (which we call sahri) and then dont eat or drink till sundown. The meal at sundown is called iftari. These words are in urdu my native language arabic/turkish/persian etc may have others.
  3. Most of muslims may have been observing fast for most of there adult lives so it's really not a problem for them so u dont have to feel sorry for us. By all means please ask us how its going or any other info that you may wanna know abt ramadan, but don't feel bad for us it's really not a prison sentence.
  4. Also my fast is for myself only so don't feel bad about eating in front of me, your burger or salad wudnt bother me one bit and i will not think any lesser of u. Since I wouldn't want anyone to change where they have lunch or anything abt there routine just cause of my beliefs.
  5. The reason someone eating infront of me wudnt bother me lies in my conviction of fasting. My fast is not just me giving up food and drink but coz it brings me closer to god spiritually and gives me internal peace, not eating all day make me feel thankful for the life god has afforded me,
    and despite my petty whining all year long i realize what people and esp children who live life in the shadow of hunger all day everyday feel like and how my life as unsubstantial as it may be must in any way try to affect some change in the lives of the underprivileged.
  6. Ramadan is also not a time for just abstaining from food and drink but to also abstain from the many bad habits that ive picked up all year round, its time to cleanse myself should i choose to do so.
  7. physically ive found that its an awesome mnth to loose weight, last year i lost abt 5 to 6 kgs in the whole month and since u get in a habbit of controlling food intake its easier to continue the rest of the year. Although if sumone gorges dwn a whole tray of pakoras with a pot of mums briyani n box of gulab jamans for iftari then not so much :)
    I was guilty of this for quiet sometime myself :( Lolzzzz
  8. Also theres a whole community aspect, since nearly everyone is fasting (talking abt muslim communities) so people feel connected. Everyone is doing it so it becomes easier.
  9. And at the end of the month theres the celebratory festival of eid which is good clothes good company and smiles :) although this eid is mostly girls/women centric they get henna tattoos and nice clothes guys are just happy to pay for it. But everyone out in good clothes and theres plenty of food so it's pretty cool.
  10. Also as in everything there are caveats for ppl who are in jobs responsible for other people's lives such as doctors, surgeons, airline pilots etc they can excuse themselves from fasting if they want to.