1. Log into and check up the checking account making sure the slim amount of cash is still there
  2. Post up (with extra photo filters) pics taken around town on insta and tagging the professional pic channels hoping they will pick it up
  3. Choosing to sleep early at night instead of burning the midnight oil on experiments coz i want to hit the gym early in the morning the next day (which never happens)
  4. Figuring out the cheapest ways to buy an apple watch (another list on this later).
  5. Gonna start my experiment right after the current song ends, ok after the next one I swear.
  6. Cursing the equipment profusely blaming the manufacturer for the bad results
  7. Hoping that reviewers don't ask any or very very easy questions on submitted peer review journals.
  8. Feel exhausted just sitting on a chair - deciding to take the day off.
  9. Getting the undergrad to do my bidding ;)
  10. Feeling a little insulted when failed politicians spend over 150 million $ on failed presidential bids and u living close to the poverty line
  11. Looking up possible alternate careers which where a phd in engineering can work.
  12. Hating whenever friends / family ask "so how long before you graduate...." Aaaghhhh
  13. Working on that secret novel which your alter ego assumes will turn best seller but which in reality may never even get completed :(