Welcome to desi-parents 101
  1. You have become too thin you should eat more. Men look nice if they are a bit healthy.
    Said if you are identified as working out or taking care of your diet or you eat less than one roti (kind of flat bread eaten with curry) or mention the words diet or gym more than two times in one meal setting. Or heavens forbid in the same sentence.
  2. You are too fat you should try taking care of yourself you don't want to get heart trouble or diabetes (incidentally we have both in our family)
    Usually immediately after they have force fed you the entire food pantry.
  3. Its been a year since you wedding why haven't you guys conceived yet, people in the family are talking.
    Usually at parties or gatherings a few of the elders will gang up on some new couple and hound them with this question often shamelessly till the poor couple feel like they must have a child there and then just to get out of this. Seriously half the population of my country was born just to shut someones parents up. Children born out of a sense of duty than want/need -just awesome:p
  4. Whats the use of arts don't be a disgrace learn something that can make money
    This is a deal breaker you can either be an engineer or a doctor to desi parents or you can seriously loose your status as there child. Its those two or bust.
  5. Mom dad i got published in nature
    Ok but how long will you take for your phd its been two years uncle xyz son finished his masters in two years he has such a good job now. Are u sure u are doing it right. (Seriously i don't know why i even try).
  6. Mom dad i am a volunteer leader for the red cross
    Ok so how much do they pay you and how many times do you 'have' to do this. Mom dad thats the point its not paid and its not something you have to do but its something u want to do. (Its hard for them to understand this aspect of service without being paid so i don't discuss it much now).