This is definitely my highlight for not only today but for quiet sometime
  1. I volunteer with people with various disabilities through various help programs and ultimately coach them for job interviews
  2. Today one of my clients was a very nervous guy. I am a big introvert myself and i am shit scared before interviews so i cud relate to him.
  3. He kept sitting in front of me eyes lowered fingers interlaced on the desk rubbing his palms together trying to get a grip on hos breath
  4. Once he was a little comfortable i started talking to him abt myself a bit then switched to the weather and after five mins i asked him how he was doing
  5. He said he was ok eyes still lowered i cud see he was sweating in his palms
  6. I then talked to him a bit more ant random stuff and asked him abt baseball if he liked it (since everyone in Boston is super involved in it)
  7. This is the first time he raised his eyes and said that he wasnt interested in games so much and said two full sentences- it was a good start
  8. So i asked him abt stuff he liked and he just atarted talking, he stumbled in between sometimes he wud get out of breath and wud atop to catch it again but it was awesome that he was talking
  9. So i asked him abt other things and turns out he was a pretty solid guy who wanted to beat his nervousness
  10. We talked for abt twenty mins more abt his goals what he wanted to do next what he liked or disliekd abt it i gave him pointers on stuff to ask as followup to an interview and some other thigs - it was one of my best experiences yet
  11. The coordinator told me later that today was his first day and she just wanted to get him aquatinted with sitting across someone coz earlier he wudnt even come out of his room.
  12. I hope he grows more and overcomes any obstacles he has coz this guy can.