Thanks for the request @dad3. This is from when i was nine or ten years old. We used to live in a small two story house. I used to be a book worm and i used get lost in my books oblivious to food or drink or wat ever else was happening in the rest of the house below.
  1. It was late after noon around 5 or so the sun had started to cast long shadows on the walls through the windows on which the curtains were half drawn. The windows were closed so there was no air nor were there any other doors or windows open anywhere.
  2. I was sitting on a pile of comforters we call them-razaian ( not nessecary to the story though) on the floor, i loved the soft warm feeling of them and they provided a warm cocoon for me :)
  3. When suddenly i swear i saw through the corner of my eye the curtain lift up as if someone was coming out from under it. It couldn't be coz of the wind or draft co it lifted from the bottom upwards and crumpled.
  4. With a flash of a second i was out the door and I literally flew down the stairs, like literally i was skipping two three steps at a time and ran to my mum eyes gaping wide and my throat clogged shut unable to produce any sound although i wanted to scream my lungs out
  5. I burst into the room where my mum and dad were entertaining my auntie and uncle and just dove into her lap
  6. She was naturally very disturbed and so was everyone else i was just shivering and couldn't even speak.
  7. I just lay in her lap for i dunno how long but in the end i did tell them and I remember that my uncle took me back upstairs to show me that theres nothing there and I prolly imagined it
  8. I wud have forgotten this but stuff like this happened to me again as well in life.
  9. But yeah thats the scariest shit i have ever encountered.