While she had the quality of stealing the spotlight in every scene she did. these following ones are where she really brings out the overbearing mother extra hard and make u really cringe. RIP Doris we will miss you.
  1. Marie's Meatballs s2e15-where she teaches debra how to make meatballs which are ray's fav but intentionally switches one of the ingredients so they wudnt come out as nice, to sabotage debra
  2. Pants on fire s3e14-marie starts favoring robert much to his surprise but its just a ruse to get back at ray, classic marie
  3. The xmas picture s4e11-ray blows it trying to keep peace between marie and the fact that debra invited her parents to be in the cmas picture when marie only wanted there family to be there.
  4. Lets fix robert s5e21- marie gathers all the ex girlfriends of robert and makes robert sit through the most awkward roasts in history.
  5. The canister s5e19- marie accuses debra of not returning her fav canister which debra swears she has returned so in a once in a life time event marie apologizes and leaves. Only now debra ray and robert discover the canister was still with them and that marie was right
  6. Lucky suit s6e16-this is the all time classic in which marie purposely destroys roberts chances of getting into the fbi which he has always wanted.
  7. The marie-debra fight from end season 6 till start season 7
  8. Marie's vision s7e10- the family forces marie to consider getting glasses and once she does she starts making everyone conscience about flaws in there looks coz now she can see better.
  9. Liars s8e7- marie catches debra and ray in an elaborate lie they need to keep up with to cover a really small lie ray told marie to avoid meeting her.
  10. Thank You notes s8e2-marie emotionally blackmails amy into writing Thankyou note to her friends for the gift they gave to amy and robert on there wedding just to prove to that friend that marie has good taste. Since she had picked out that gift for that friend in the first place.