Our parents were quiet creative abt these, and it was a simpler / more innocent time back then i guess since we didnt have a lot of internet.
  1. Our age 6-7: "when mom and dad want a baby they pray hard and god sends a baby to them in a basket"
    We first accepted this but then began to question how does the damn basket get through the walls, roof and why we hadnt seen any baskets arriving from the sky we r nearly always outside cycling. We soon wore this out
  2. Our age 9-10: "well when grown ups need a baby they pray real hard and sit close and they have a baby."
    the subliminal message was don't sit close to girls in school. We first adhered to this didnt sit near any girls especially cousins. But soon we spoted holes in this too as per general observation
  3. Our age 12-14: "babies come when a boy and girl kiss"
    (we were damn curious but equally or more innocent and borderline stupid lolzz) seriously this put the fear of god in us.
  4. But arnd the age of 15 or 16 nearly every guy through some of the 'more informed' friends that are present in every school, the chapter on reproduction in bio or after being embarrassed by expressing the wisdom of there parents in front of his school friends gets to know the actual low down of the where babies come from conundrum.
    For me it was the last one, Lolzzz :)