Feeling a bit of nostalgia hitting me, suggestions are welcome. Some of them are earlier than 90s but I'll include them anyways.
  1. Roxette - look , joyride
  2. Bon Jovi - blaze of glory, keep the faith
  3. Guns n roses - sweet child of mine , November rain
  4. George Michael - father figure
    Absolutely loved this song at one time was listening to it non stop the cassette was worn out I remember after a while
  5. Michael jackson - dangerous, black or white
  6. Metallica - 2x4, hero of the day, the memory remains, no leaf clover
    I ama huge Metallica fan so i am holding myself back with just these three
  7. Iron maiden - fear of the dark
  8. Chris de burgh - lady in red, fire on the water
  9. Dio - all the fools sailed away
  10. Dream theater- wait for sleep
  11. Nirvana - smells like teen spirit
  12. Rem - losing my religion
  13. Linkin park - in the end, numb, papercut
  14. Savage garden- to the moon and back