So its been seven years since @M_s and i have been happily married. But it seems its been twice that time that my parents have spent wanting us to have there grandkids. Here are some of the levels we have gone through coz of there desires:
  1. Novice level: passing jokes on how various aunties are praying for the happy news, general information on how cousin it had five kids before there forth anniversary. A lot of self proclaimed jibes and so on.
  2. Responsibility level: gentle reminders of our "duty" towards the family to produce offsprings
    As if the royal blood was jn danger of going extinct:p
  3. Rational thinking level: "why not try a doctor"
    Yes we did we both r fine
  4. Suspicion level: "No!!!!" Thought them there has to be something wrong
    Maybe they are hiding something, they thought. So off we were sent to a doctor my parents knew. Same result.
  5. Intervention level: involvement of other people in our most private matter, Perfect :p
    A couples apparent inability to have kids is surely fertile grounds for a round table discussion with the entire clan
  6. Pity level: this has to be the longest enduring level. We r seen as the poor couple with there miserable life coz they dont have kids.
    It is so sad for me that some ppl have kids just to shut there parents up.
  7. dire warning level: "ppl who dont have kids in the first few years may never do so" or the "do you want you you ger brother (who is also married) to have kids before you"
    Yes we r fine on both accounts.
  8. Guilt level: "how long do you think we are going to live we just want to play with ur kids"
    Firstly we would like to have kids but even if we dont we r going to be ok with it. Besides we can't afford them now any how. Also the world has soo many unfortunate kids who need love and support we would rather try and help them out then cry over not having our own. But thats to no avail with them.
  9. Witch craft level: so a few weeks ago we recieved a small piece of paper in the mail from my parents called a "taweez" it smelt of ashes and there were just weird short lines drawn on it. Like how you wud draw small bolts of lightening. We were supposed to put the paper in a bottle of water and drink the water "yuk"
    My wife disposed off of it immediately in the charles river. We wonder if the fish population in there is suddenly gonna spike. :)