Don't worry I do brush my teeth these are the reasons why i may give it up....
  1. I hate the feeling of a brush on my teeth and gums. My eyes aren't even open yet.
  2. I hate the minty/sugary taste of tooth paste. Maybe a coffee flavored past is in order.
  3. I can never decide if i shud leave the tap running since ive got it to the right temp (hot/cold) mix, and reduce my brushing time at the expense of my teeth or take my chances and close it save water( which is also what I want) and my teeth and hope to get the right mix again later.
  4. I can never decide how much pressure to use on my teeth i don't want the effort to go to waste and also not to brush my teeth away.
  5. How do i know that a roach or something didn't shit on my brush at night. I have an innate fear of bugs.
  6. You'd expect in thirty years you would get used to this daily activity. I believe Its against human nature or at least mine